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Single Sourcing

Are you reusing content effectively? Single sourcing enables you to see a return on your documentation investment, an increase in production, and a decrease in costs by allowing you to reuse content consistently across all business areas, including

    • help files
    • manuals
    • Web site content
    • brochures, and
    • catalogs

If you are developing the same content over and over for different uses, you can save time and money by building content from a common database.

Single Sourcing Requires Structure

Using structured authoring, information can be created in chunks and designated (with XML tagging) for use in several ways. For example: Copyright information may be tagged for use in a user manual and on your Web site, but not in your brochure. Product description might be tagged for use in all three—Web site, brochure, and the user manual. By using this method, the content remains consistent when used in each, without the risk of the cut and paste method.

Call us for a complimentary consultation to help you determine if single sourcing is right for your organization. If you are already single sourcing, we can provide expertise in designing templates, DTDs, EDDs, and style sheets.

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