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Technical Writing


Do you need technical writers or technical documentation?


For customers with a wide range of needs from many different industries, we have a wide range of solutions. We can supply one writer or a team of writers. We can even take the project off your hands and drive it through development, writing, and editing to the finished product.

Some of the technical writing documentation we deliver includes the following:

Our professionals plan, organize, develop, write, and edit these and other related technical publications. We write reference materials that clearly define how to use your products. In addition, we stay informed about current software and technology (including DITA and XML) and documentation standards within the software industry. And, we are Adobe® FrameMaker® and Microsoft® Word experts.

We work effectively with members of your project team to establish the scope of your documentation efforts. Let Precisely Write build a plan for your project, drive the document review and approval process, and lead the writing effort from outline, to finished documents, and to online help.

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