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Policies and Procedures (SOPs)

Policies are written documents that detail guiding principals for an organization. Procedures are the tasks that are required to get the job done within the policy guidelines.  Many organizations are faced with the increasing need to document policies and procedures due to increases in regulatory compliance for everything from accounting practices to manufacturing.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMPs) are detailed, written instructions about how specific functions or tasks are performed. The goal of SOPs and SMPs is to achieve uniformity and consistency in the performance of these functions or tasks throughout an organization.

Documenting your organization’s policies and procedures can be a time consuming task, but ensuring everyone is following guidelines set by corporate, regulatory, or government bodies is worth every painstaking minute—if you have a technical writer on staff, and if you can spare them for several hours a week.  Let Precisely Write document your policies and procedures in a way that will keep them organized and easy to revise. We use a variety of tools and write for several standards.

Tools and standards in which we have experienced professionals include

Precisely Write has experience documenting thousands of procedures for different organizations. Contact Precisely Write for all your procedure documentation needs.

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